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Corporate strategy and business development expert, who's held senior level marketing, product, and corporate development roles for global companies and launched two startups as a founder.
Specialized expertise in strategic alliances, JV's and partnerships, restructuring under performing products and teams, and the creation of new marketing and sales channels.

Accomplishments include launching a business services start-up, re-structuring a stagnant product line, re-branding a large non-profit organization, creating 20+ strategic partnerships, leading the acquisition of a mid-size technology company, and delivering large-scale B2B and B2C business solutions to enterprise clients in Canada and the U.S.

Has served on numerous industry committees and advisory boards including Canadian Marketing Association, Information and Communications Technology Council, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Association of Internet Marketing and Sales, and Direct Marketing Association of Canada.

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I'm a corporate development expert with 30 year's experience in partnerships, JV's, sales channels, product development and marketing.

1a) Jargon would be "integration partner", integrated component provider, or "ingredient brand". There are a bunch more depending on how you want to position things.

1b) Needs some clarification. If you mean you are selling a pre-manufactured, complete product that is being branded and re-sold by another company, that would be a white label manufacturer/provider.

Examples of these arrangements can be found two ways.
Subscribe to an industry research report that focuses on sales/revenue statistics (Gartner may be a source for this) or work with a consultant or someone like me who has put together these types of channel partnerships who can provide some projections based on some basic assumptions from you.

Happy to help you in this area, quick chat or a project. Feel free to connect.


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