Devashish JindalI am a food and beverage Consultant.

Food and Beverage Enthusiast, Strategic Advisor in F&B, Researcher, Analyst, Marketing Planner, Product developer, Passion for niche and creating Unique Brand identity, Love for Music, Guitarist, Creative person, Music composer

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Dear Concerned person,
I would like to introduce myself as a Food and Beverage consultant. I have got more than 8 years of professional experience in food and beverage project planning and execution, and then running it into a profitable venture.

Transportation of food is always done in a controlled environment, that is either refrigerated or frozen to actually protect food from bacteria and give it a longer shelf life. For example a lot of food material, in raw form, semi processed form or even finished form is exported from India to various foreign countries and vice-versa. In order to fight food wastage, a lot of refrigerated and deep freezed trucks and cargos are there in the market and demand for these types of trucks is increasing day by day.

For further discussions on this, I would request you to come on call so that we can have a detailed discussions on this and so that I am able to help you in the right way.
Looking forward to help you better.

Culinary regards,
Devashish Jindal

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