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Dawn Kole, Owner of Digital DNA Marketing, works with clients to strategize comprehensive marketing communications and content plans focusing on a “Digital First” methodology. She also works with companies on organizational planning to sustain these new best practices for all future marketing initiatives. While this includes the typical digital channels, web, social, mobile, tablet, it also includes print – both traditional and location based. Ms. Kole also currently serves on the Content Committee of Shop.org.

She previously held the position of Director of Digital Experience at Belk Dept Stores for 3 years where she led a 42 person team to create all Belk digital content, from website to mobile to marketing.
Prior to that she spent 10 years at Meijer culminating her career there launching their first Ecommerce site and growing it to a $30 million business as Director of Ecommerce Marketing.

In this bold new world where customers are in control of where, when and how they see your messages, her passion to develop holistic campaigns will make your next marketing campaign an amazing success.

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Great site. Companies that are on YELP should 1) respond to every review posted 2)mine bookmarks people create 3) Use Yelp to offer introductory discounts if people check in through YELP.

They respond really well to 1) peer group influence 2) anti establishment enticements 3)free stuff. Work these into your marketing and you will have a winner.

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