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Founder of 360Fashion Network, Anina specializes for the last 10 years in fashion technology. An expert in her field, she has created mobile fashion apps, interactive retail solutions, Virtual Reality shopping experiences, and pioneered smart fashion clothing and wearable tech accessories for mass manufacture in China. Anina has a firm grasp on what technology the fashion industry's needs and is able to guide your brand to successful products and experiences.

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Make some animated gifs and mini video campaign that you can put online and promote on twitter.

You can have an offline event and introduce your app to the media and first movers. You can participate in events like Techcrunch in San Francisco or we are preparing an event in November for technology companies to promote themselves. You can join Mobile Monday events and network with people to introduce your app. You can keep a blog and write about the usefulness of your app targeting SEO keywords. You can go on forums and search conversations on the web talking about your topic and leave comments linking to the landing page Alvin mentioned or to the download of the app. You can pay for app advertising--there are many programs. You can make videos talking about your app and post them on forums in facebook etc.

I thought questions was for ... questions...sure I'll send an email when I have time.


So how do I modify the width?

And I"ve got a self hosted you said it only works on a blog?

I have tried it on my typepad blog:

doesnt seem to work well...unless you can modify the size of the iframe.

On my wordpress blog, doesnt work at all. doesnt even show up....

Thats a pity.

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