Felix YimFelix is founder of Society of Speed.

Felix is a young aspiring design student. Having recently graduated from university with a finance degree, Felix actually found his calling in interior design and aspires to have a career in the industry. In his spare time, he likes to write for his supercar blog.

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I run a phone repair business https://repaircircle.com.au/ and my number 1 strategy on increasing sales is to do marketing on facebook and instagram. Good offers, combined with a strong ad creative design can do you wonders.

There's are 2 ways you can upskill yourself.

1) The straight forward way - get a job where they will train you up. The only problem with this is that most jobs require you to have a knowledge base before they are willing to hire you. Also, there's only so much you can learn in a job, they will train you up to the extent that you can complete your tasks, and ususally training will end there.

2) start your own projects. These can be weekend projects such as what I build recently in one day to teach myself basic web design: http://getsolitaire.com/ , you will learn end to end skills that no job will ever teach you.

A personal favourite of mine is Principle by Ray Dalio. For social media growth, this list includes a few book books to help you jumpstart your project: https://www.growthboost.co/blog/the-best-social-media-marketing-books/

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