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I'd set up Facebook ads because of their robust ad targeting platform so that you can laser focus your targeting which will keep your ad spend to a minimum. Then, I'd use those ads to drive traffic to different landing pages with different offers to see who's responding to what. Then, I'd have each of those landing pages integrated with a different email list in your email provider (aWeber, MailChimp, etc.). I prefer aWeber because I use a tool called AWProTools which offers a lot of features that aren't included in any of the other email platforms. Then, I'd set up autoresponder series in each of the email lists that are specific to whatever type of offer was being presented in each landing page. You can build out your entire sales funnel like this and then just let it run on autopilot.

He needs to set up a business page so that he can begin advertising on facebook. You can't advertise from a personal page. Once he has the business page set up, he can use the feature on his business page "Build Audience" to "invite" all of the people on his personal page to "LIKE" his business page. It's a long process to convert all of those people over, but it can be done. He then needs to send an individual message to each of the people on his personal page letting them know he's moving to a business page. He also needs to start posting on his personal page that he's moving his business to a new business page and that he needs everyone to go to that page for all future facebook updates. Provide the link to the new business page. Just keep repeating the same message on the personal page for a couple of days and he should find that his personal friends will move over to being fans of his business page.

I'd like to offer a different perspective from someone who's started a company, launched it, trademarked and lived to regret it!

1. Consider what happens if you have to rebrand for some reason? You spend all that money trademarking and then you have to spend the money all over again because something happens along the way and your trademark has no value anymore. In my case, we discovered that we had a much bigger audience for our products than we originally modeled and the name of our company and product (and trademark protection) was for a name that men wouldn't ever buy (original products were designed exclusively for women and then the men came calling). We had to rebrand out entire company which cost thousands and then go through all the expense of trademarking again.
2. For most startups, money is scarce and you are going to need every dollar you can find to be able to get your company up and running and pay for your operating expenses. Spending money at this stage on protecting something that currently has little to no value is a waste of money in my opinion because if you don't have enough money to operate and grow your business, your trademark will have no value.
3. Most important, in my opinion, think about how much it's going to cost you to defend that trademark in the event there is an infringement. Do you want to spend your money defending your trademark OR on growing your business.
4. It's easy for people who don't have any "skin in the game" to advise about what to do in this situation and I mean no disrespect by that, but it's YOU that has to write the check for everything your business does and you're on the hook if you fail because you run out of money so you have to make the tough decisions about what you're going to spend your money on because you can't do everything at this stage.
5. Most of the comments pertain to situations where you have value in the company and the brand and trademark and you have growth in the company that makes it worth it to have a trademark because it's something that can be licensed but keep in mind, the only way you get to licensing your trademark is if you have a lot of name recognition that can be leveraged by a bigger company that would benefit from licensing your trademark. So, again, you need to keep your money to grow your business to a point where you have wider name recognition and most important, a lot of revenue. Of course, there is a risk of someone coming along and trademarking your name, but at this early stage, it's highly unlikely because you aren't showing any financial value in the market. Remember, you can ways do it at a later date when it's justified.
6. This is all just my opinion.

If you're going to advertise on Facebook, make sure it's for the purpose of getting something out of it more than a LIKE. The problem with advertising for LIKES is that you will need to spend additional funds advertising to the people who clicked LIKE on your page because Facebook has drastically reduced the number of fans who will ever see your posts on your page, so the best thing to do is concentrate on building your email list by advertising on facebook for the purpose of driving your traffic to a landing page or for sales, driving that traffic to your website. You will likely capture a bunch of page LIKES from the people who are being sent to your landing page or your website and those LIKES will be free, so in a way you're getting more bang for the buck when you advertise this way. Just remember, Facebook is a lead generation tool and nothing more so you have to make sure you're using it that way.

If you're not seeing this feature in your Facebook account (in Ads Manager or Power Editor) it's possible that facebook hasn't rolled out this feature yet in your country. They roll out features on a country by country basis but typically start in the UK or USA in my experience. What country are you in?

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