Ali MirzaSocial Media Strategist & Startup Advisor

I am a social media marketing consultant and I help brands with two important aspects (1) creating engaging audiences (2) generating leads and sales using social media.

Here are some specific things I can help you with.
1 - Social Media Marketing Strategy (What tools, tactics and channels you should use)
2 - Startup marketing: How to get early traction
3 - Facebook Advertising: what type of campaigns work best for your business.
4 - Lead Generation campaigns using social media
5 - LinkedIn marketing
6 - How to build a personal brand online
7 - Instagram marketing - How to grow on Instagram

My background
- Founder of iSocialYou: a data driven social media agency
- Online instructor (60,000+ students)
- Created a food mobile app in 2016

Recent Answers

Here are couple of things I would suggest (most are FREE, just time commitment)
- Add your app to startup launch sites (like product hunt)
- Create educational / fun content and link to app
- Add blogs on FB groups
- Add blogs on LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn native publishing & medium (content repurposing)
- See if you can find guest blog opportunity

If you are looking to outsource try elance or odesk. I think they recently joined and changed names to UPWORK.

To share content faster - Buffer is the best
For engagement & to see everything in one place - Hootsuite is best
For automation - IFTTT is great. You can post industry news / article automatically.

Yes FB is very strict about 20% test rule on the images. I typically do this..
1 - Find an awesome image form free website (here are some)

2 - Add text or puzzle I want on this image
3 - Check the 20% rule using FB grid tool

4 - Promote on FB

hope this helps :)

Totally agree with Mark here.
- Target competitors / interests on FB
- Drive traffic to a landing page
- You can even create an offer and capture emails (enter to win YOUR PRODUCT)
- If you have lots of non-FB traffic, I would suggest website re-targeting on FB

hope this helps


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