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When it comes to building a website in this space, clients typically are looking for the following bits of information:

- Experience: how many years have you been operating? How many satisfied clients do you have?
- Case Studies: this is an integral aspect of any website in the agency space. Having tangible results for prospective clients to evaluate reinforces the notion that they should work with your agency.
- Social Proof: linked to case studies, but having 100% verified testimonials featured on your website is essential.
- Authoritativeness: this can be exhibited via website content, either within your main service pages or featured on the blog. It's imperative to give potential leads a sense of your markeitng process and what to expect.

Remember, your goal with a new website is to cultivate leads organically. Your homepage should be a giant advertisement with enough content to rank for more general terms and enough "pizzazz" to showcase your experience and past successes. Keep long-form content regarding sub-services to inner pages, which can be used to rank for more competitive keywords.

I'd be glad to go over this process in more detail over a call. It's actually been an interesting subject of discussion internally as we have various departments chiming in on what an agency website should look like, but in the end, you need to be aware of your target audience and understand what makes the best first impression.

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