Ryan Fahey3x Author, Book Coach

Ryan Fahey is a 3x Author and Book Coach
Having worked internationally with clients in Macau, Abu
Dhabi, USA, and Canada, I have built, tested, and assisted
multiple businesses to move from good to great in the online
space using social media as the primary vehicle to fuel that growth.
If you are looking for either book writing advice or advice around developing your social media strategy, I am your guy.

I reside in Ottawa, Canada, and can be reached at any time! Should you have additional questions about his work, you can reach me at faheyconsulting@gmail.com as well.

Recent Answers

Find a small group of people and treat them better than your best friend. Sounds simple. It really is. It is the scaling part of affiliate marketing that is more challenging.

Writing on www.medium.com. I have made more writing there than I did one my investments the past two months. :)

Just outside of Dubai is a business zone that is designed for businesses to be housed in the UAE yet be international. Jebel free Dubai I think it's called. Don't quote me on that but I would start poking around with others to get more specifics on the exact name.

www.medium.com is my best source as a writer and reader. I would create a free account there and start exploring. :)

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