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I am a passionate Company Co-Owner, Advertising Manager, Content Specialist, Copywriter, Creative Director, Marketing Executive, PR Manager, and Entrepreneurism Consultant... all from my laptop.

I am Facebook Certified and have a wealth of experience in all areas of my work. I am a leader amongst my network of companies, partners, and connections, and I have learned everything I know untraditionally. I am well suited to a consulting role, and more than qualified.

Messages are free, but limited regarding available time and effort, as well as efficiency. I have complex ideas regarding my field, which often require a fuller conversation than text to explain properly. Also, there may be times when you need me to walk you through things step by step, or brainstorm ideas on call. So, I recommend negotiating calls with me for enhanced consulting.


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You can use facebook/instagram advertisig in FB's Business Manager, targeting Ghanaian expats living the US, Canada, UK, etc.

You can also use influencer marketing targeting the same demographic. Perhaps reaching out to Ghanaian social media influencers, or popular Ghanaian podcasts, etc.

I can certainly help you develop an extensive strategy to expand and grow!

Message me to discuss this further!

If you can make an argument to prove its value as a business expense. You should set it up in a way that it can serve as an office. If you manufacture there, conceptualise and design there, or perform any other related aspects of your work there, then it counts as a business expense.

I personally am of the believe that you can create a market for anything, anywhere, at anytime. Japan has beautiful, outdoor attractions, and camping, which can entice tourists from around the world. Many of these tourists will need to rent cars, which is where you come in to fill in this potential gap in Japans tourist market.

I actually think this is a really great idea! Especially combiing the 90's style and outdoor themes, I think this works very well for your branding. Also, providing free camping, bikes, and fishing goods is an incredible idea for your marketing.

I'd really love to here more about this and help you in any way I can, mostly because I think it's a great idea. I can confidently say that I could give you many extensive strategies to set up, market, advertise and scale this business.

Feel free to message me if you'd like to know a little more about how I could help with your business. I have lots of ideas.


Hi there,

I worked with a subscription bamboo toothbrush service, and I think I can help you out.

So, with online subscription models, the key is to create a marketing strategy that ramps up every month to complement the subscription style. Often times, businesses forget about customers who have already subscribed, and so the quickly unsubscribe when they forget about your business and wonder why they are paying you every month.

Since you are dealing with physical products, your customer likely won't forget about you, as they are recieveing your products every month... Therefore, the most important aspect of YOUR marketing, is branding. Your packaging, your variety of products, your logo, etc. Your customer should be excited to see what comes next, so your monthly set of products has to have SOMETHING different each time. It can be something small, but must be noticeable. Perhaps they receive different letters each time, or you change the design of each packaging to match the seasons; details that your customer will look forward to discovering.

Another way to keep your customers engaged throughout their subscription is by advertising teasers and sneak peaks of what their package will look like or include this coming month.

As you are starting out, you want to get your first customers, which is the hard part... However, you are in a great niche with lots of marketing and advertising opportunities. You need to focus on differentiating your products from the rest. To get started, influencer marketing and simple social media ads can do the trick, then you can scale by investing some profit into expanding your audience.

Hope this helps a little,
Feel free to contact me with more questions, or request a call!

May be an unpopular answer... but just absorb it. All that information comes from consumers, from creators, from real people that, depending on your niche and your business model, you should be aiming to interact with on some level... whether it be as a customer, as someone who may recommend you to a friend... Rather than trying to block it out, figure out how it could relate to you, and how it could be of interest. All of the social media algorithms give you relatable content for a reason... Scroll past things you don't think are related to you in any way, an consume things that are related. As long as you are creating and building a little bit each and every day, what you consume should not matter, especially if it is in any way related.

A lot of people skip the very first step of FINDING people when they answer this question. Before you can offer free consultations, or ask for referrals, you need to find the right people, who have the right problem.

For this, you generally have to start with some manual marketing... search online (reddit, forums, blogs, etc) for questions that people may ask, pertaining to your consulting business' niche. From there, you insert yourself within the space, answer questions, offer solutions, offer your services, and in many cases, even directly reach out to online users that you think would benefit from your service.

Another way, if you have money to invest, is to pay for advertising. This can be as little as 1 dollar on a Facebook and/or Instagram ad, or as much millions of dollars for a tv advertisement.

There are many many many platforms out there for you to advertise on at varying prices. For a consulting business, cheap Facebook ads targeting businesses, locations, interests and behaviours of customers in your niche is a great way to go. You should have a Facebook & Instagram page for your business, so you can use FB's Lead Generation campaign oriented advertisements in the FB Business Manager to have interested impressions (people that are interested in your service after seeing your ad) input their information into a form, so that you can proactively follow up with email, by phone, etc.

In conclusion, manual marketing, and sensible advertising at a budget you can afford. It sounds simple, but there are many different ways you can do this for different industries and niches.

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