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15 years of experience in the commercial business, leading and developing work teams both, locally and remotely under the leader as a coach methodology, active participation in sales planning process and effective follow up.

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1. Create an excel database that contains the following cells: Client name / Telephone / Address / Contact.
2. Start building your potential customer base first with those you know about the market and then expand your base by looking for more customers on the internet. As your database is more robust, the more chance you will have of having more clients.
2. When you get to the contact cell, define who are those key contacts that you should connect for your business, that is, what departments should those contacts be.
3. Check with your friends or persons you know in your environment if they know people working on those customers you have listed and so you can start by identifying the contacts.
4. Review your business information well, prepare to start contacting. Is your value proposition according to the new segment you want to see?
5. Call customers both, those who have the contacts and those who do not to find out. Define the day and time that you are going to dedicate for this task.
6. Start with the calls, request information about the person in charge of the department you have defined, ask for their name, ask if they can communicate with you at once, you must be prepared to introduce yourself and present your services.
7. Begin to follow up on what you are achieving with this task until you reach the goal of having an appointment with the person.

Hope these poitns help you to connect with that customers you want.



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