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Hi dear, do you have in particular what to do?
For the cause and effect essay. First is you need to create a good introduction of the story or the topic then you go with the main cause and effect or sometimes a story has multiple causes and effects. You let me know what to do and I will help you :)

Your work and offer is actually interesting and quite complicated at the same time. Complicated meaning you are not just to give something to your client but it is a continuous effort to monitor the performance of your service. Also, you will have to continue providing for them per week as you have mentioned.

For me you should charge them pay for work of for every service or work.

*setting up - labor charge
*optimizing - another labor based on how many would be your manpower
*broadcast campaign and newsletter per week - it is a pay for work, you charge them based on the market and the expenses you incurred while doing this project for your client.

Hope this helps!

Joey May

Most of us can but only depending on your business type. Choose the right person to help you. You can tell us more about your business and let's start discussing about the solutions.

Numbers actually don't lie if computed and presented properly. But to help you decide on your business, you have to check different factors first not just go what your gut tell you to do. The business is a make or break project so you better be sure before you make a decision.

Ask for factors, supporting data, raw data if possible for you to be sure if the data is correct or not. It's just about making sure if the data is correct.

First is you have to identify and study your market. You do not want your efforts to be put nowhere that is why you also need to raise your pricing considering the following factors:

1. If the market price (purchasing cost) increases
2. If you expenses related to your business increases
3. If you think your business is not looking competitive in terms of pricing (I mean psychologically, people think that when your price is quite higher that others, your business is more quality)
4. If you are not profiting.


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