Andrew Mez, MBA - Client Experience (CEM & CX) and Revenue Growth DriverHead of CX; Revenue and ROI Driver

Client Experience Management (CEM & CX) Expert for B2B and B2C. ROI and Customer Health Maximizer. Business & Data Management Strategic Leader. Principal Project and Program Manager

Expertise includes:

• Create and hone business and data strategies
• Develop Client Experience (CX) and Client Engagement Management (CEM) programs
• Plan and execute data governance, master data management, and CCPA compliance initiatives
• Build custom, company-wide Data Dictionary
• Manage initiatives with Agile or Waterfall methodologies
• Develop product go-to-market strategic approach
• Plan, build, and scale enterprise products to various industries
• Plan large-scale company-wide initiatives
• Conduct group and enterprise-wide change management
• Program Manage divisions entailing a number of products and subsequent projects
• Project Manage technical and business enterprise technology implementations
• Lead data mart, data warehouse, and Business Intelligence development
• Facilitate Agile/Scrum Transformation
• ITIL experience and DevOps configuration
• Select and Track critical business-driven KPI metrics
• Create efficient and productive Financial and Operational processes
• Design customized business processes and procedures
• Build and implement Managerial and Executive Reporting suites (Financial, Operational, Functional, Marketing, Sales)
• Create business proposals, presentations, sales material/sales pitches at the Executive Level
• Provide vendor selection services for various industries
• Lead tool selection for Cloud technologies on various platforms (Azure, AWS, etc.)

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Recent Answers

Great questions. Getting your foot in the door with large brands is usually not an easy task. You can try to find a link to a partnership page on their website and fill out the necessary information, but that is not always fruitful. I would try that as a start.

From there, you can look up the company on Linkedin and try to find people that work for that company in roles that could be applicable. Reach out to those people and try to connect with them. If they are not the right resource, they could give you the information to get your foot in the door.

Once you have a foot in the door, you need to make sure that you know your business like the back of your hand. Make sure your financials are in order, create financial reports, be prepared to show your business plan, your pitch deck, your previous successes, and a distinct plan on how you are planning to partner with the brand.

If you want to talk in more detail, please reach out to me, would love to discuss in detail and plan further.

Thank you,

This can be a solid approach. I would recommend that the reseller and platform provider get similar deals, to keep consistency.

There are many platforms out that there allow for affiliated links and vendors that can sell your software as well, I suggest you take a look at this as an option as well.

Ensure that you have a reasonable profit margin as part of the incentive process as there could be additional time commitments, extra costs, etc. that come up as part of implementation.

I would be honest with the clients, addressing the situation, a short piece about why it happened, a thank you to each customer for their loyalty, and then a couple of options to what the customers can use instead.

If you have a partner company or a competitor that you have a good relationship with, I would introduce your customers to them as goodwill. The customers will appreciate that and your competitor friend will also. Goodwill will come back to you.

Really depends on your business model. Without knowing your particular business and the industry in, it is difficult to come up with a definite answer. However, if you are offering multiple packages, one way to display this is by creating a chart on your website that compares the options head to head. From there, the options (don't include more than 3) can have the prices listed. If there are options that are more expensive, I would create a 4th column that says (please call for custom pricing). That will allow the customer to reach out over large or specialized orders.

Now in the case that you are selling a software that is priced nearly the same as the competitors and they include the pricing, I would include as well. I am in the mindset that being transparent about pricing is the best approach.

I would suggest Upwork or Guru for smaller projects, especially around training.

Just make sure that you look at the material from the trainers and get a good feel for what they do and how they do it. I would also encourage staying within your time zone, that will also likely provide talent that has better English and can work on your schedule.

Ask potential freelancers to provide a short video or audio with a 30 second training. This will show you the way they teach and their style. This should help you make a better decision to find the right partner.

In an S-Corporation, all connected parties are basically either employees or directors (board). I would treat yourself as an employee and set a reasonable salary that you can start paying yourself through your S-Corp. You can also control where the money in the organization goes (saved for further use as retained earnings or paid out in bonuses). I would ensure that your salary is on the lower side especially if you want to bring on investors in the future as they will likely spend extra time around the employee and director compensation piece as an area of interest.

There is a lot to this, let's get on a call and discuss in detail!

In short, it depends on your goals, how many partners you have, where the future of the business is going, and most importantly what is your risk and how are you planning to limit this.

This will lead to a more specific conversation around LLC, PLLC, S Corp, C Corp, etc and which is better for you.

One way to do this is by selling products to your customers and upon sale, the customer will pay for the merchandise.

Once the payment is processed, you can use this money to purchase your good and then you can ship it directly to the customer.

That way, you will utilize the customers' money instead of your own investment to purchase the product. Let's set up a call in talk in detail about this!

As far as I understand, data can be treated the same as any other organizations. The medical marijuana licenses will have restrictions on what data is stored, I would imagine that HIPAA laws would apply in that situation, but would need to confirm.

The financial situation (not being able to use banks) is a different issue. Many cannabis companies have to transact in cash and will move money through armored vehicles and third party banking replacements.

Before I can give you a true answer to this question, there are some important factors that need to be brought up.

First and foremost, where is the location of the property? The location in my opinion is most important. This is beyond the city and state, but also specifically the neighborhood. Real Estate can and often does work differently across neighborhoods.

Another question is, how much of the house is done? What is left? And how much is it likely going to cost to get this all completed, if not by you, by the new owner?

These are important factors to deciding if you should sell the house, given that you have the option to not to.

I recommend that you look online for realtors in your area with good reviews and give them a call. Tell them your situation and your concerns, make sure that you find an honest realtor that will be able to analyze your house and give you recommendations on where they believe the housing market is going in your area.

If you would like to speak about this more in detail, let's set up a call and I can give you more detailed steps per your situation.

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