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Jennifer Cousette is a Transformational Speaker, Author, Trainer who specializes in teaching women how to transform their lives by equipping them with the Tools, Principles, and Strategies they need in order To Love, Discover Who they Are and Heal their Broken Hearts.

She is the author of "Aligning with Your Purpose: The Beginners Guide To Identifying Your Gifts, Talents, and Abilities" on Amazon.

She is the host of her own show "The Loving Me Classroom" live on Facebook and Instagram on Thursdays Nights at 9pm est.

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Congratulations on being a young entrepreneur. First I would say to make sure you have a coach. A coach is vital to your success.
Then I would say make sure to identify your target market. Then market to them the idea of the product or service. I would not recommend creating a prototype without knowing if anyone will be interested. This will save you time, effort, and money. Also if the market doesn't receive your product, make some adjustments to find what works. Stay with it. Welcome to the entrepreneur journey. Best wishes!
Jennifer Cousette

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