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Are you launching or refocusing your brand? I have been helping brands with strategy, positioning, design, and expression for 20+ years. My brand and business strategy frameworks will give you the foundation you need to ensure your brand maximizes its growth potential and avoid the costly mistake of entering your market without clarity.

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Word of mouth works well in your existing circle but it's not a strategy for scaling a business since you have no control over someone referring you. Identify your target audience and develop a strategy to reach them.

Have you identified and validated your customer group?

Customers are purposeful with the brands they associate with in the current economy. Your first step is to identify their core values (what they genuinely care about), then determine how your brand values and your value proposition (product) align and brings value to them — this is normally done using a framework.

Beyond your product, identify what you do, why you do it, and why it is important. Once all this information is gathered, you should have enough data to craft a straightforward story that resonates with your target group — clarity and consistency are vital to impact customer behavior.

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