Cameron S - Expert Podcast Strategist - New Media Distribution Specialist - E-commerce Organic Traffic ConsultantPodcast Expert to Million & Billion Companies

2 x Billion SaaS Company Podcast Contractor | 2 x Ecommerce Founder | Top Ranked Podcast & New Media Producer, Strategist and Host | Proven Results Driven Multimedia Leader | E-Commerce Enthusiast

Cameron is a leader with strategic podcasting and new media growth tactics and has worked with hundreds of businesses from small businesses to a billion tech recruiting firm.

With ten years experience within New Media Development, Cameron has produced staggering results for service based and ecommerce companies. Additionally, he has led the creation and development of 20 shows, 500 episodes, millions of downloads, 500K+ followers, and more than 38 million views.
Noted Clients include:
A billion dollar tech Firm within recruiting
Multi-million dollar dental marketing agency
One of the 10 biggest aviation media companies
Guam‘s biggest real estate firm

Founder of StackedAudio & Podcast Host of Unscripted Startups Show - An Apple Top 10, 50 & 100 Podcast in 6 Nations from USA to Finland and Japan.

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It really depends on the audio quality and if you reference objects or elements on the screen.

The Kelly Clarkson's show is great example of what not do, they strip from the show which is quite visual and don't change anything, while allowing the clap track to remain and thus it has been buried.

Baby goods and services are growing quite rapidly with owlets raising $24 million for their series B and with Momni the caresharing platform taking off both in Utah.

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