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Founder, entrepreneur, nutrition expert. I used local media and social media to gain traction in my business and 17x my revenue in one year. I can help you tap into the media in your local market, scale your social media accounts, leverage your connections for growth and increase your revenue.

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Definitely start with marketing. Use your social media or wherever you are interacting with potential clients to test your message and positioning.
It is important to know what your market responds to before you start looking for PR.
Once your message is clear, you know who your client is and what they want from you, begin scaling with local media.
You would be surprised to know that most local media outlets- print, TV, radio, digital- are in need of content. Most of them have contact information on their website.
Reach out and explain how you can add value and content to their show.
Do not take no response as a "no". Most of them are very busy, so just keep following up nicely.
Once you have had success there, look into PR, or have an assistant or intern take over the outreach and follow up!
Please reach out if you have any other questions:)

Hey! Before you hire a PR person, I would start by reaching out to the local media in your area; morning shows, local podcasters whose audiences might be attracted to your product, local print magazines etc.
Pitch yourself and your product as:
- A great new product to showcase on the show
- An expert in a field of interest for the viewers/readers/listeners where you're happy to answer questions, write articles or do presentations.
- A new local product/business that is part of the economy of the area and looking for support.

You would be surprised to know that most local media is in need of content!! They are always looking for something new to showcase to their audiences. You can usually find contact information or "to be featured" sheets you can fill out on their websites.
The only catch is a lot of these people are busy and sometimes slow to get back in touch. Be nice, but persistent and don't take a non-response as a "no", just keep reaching out.

Hope that is helpful! Feel free to reach out if you have more questions:)

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