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Forensic Services Consultant, Ethics & Compliance Risks Expert, Process Design and Improvement Expert, Internal Control Specialist, Private Investigator and AB&C Specialist

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1. What are the existing programmes in the business?
2. What will be the relationship or interaction between the new program and existing programs?
3. What plans are in place to ensure smooth working relationships between the new and existing programmes?
4. What resources does the business have and what is the resource allocation for the new program?

These are some of the preliminary questions you should ask. Further background on the specifics of the business and the new program will give clarity on vital follow-up questions that should be asked.


There are several ways you can collect payments but you need to put certain controls in place to make the collection efficient. These controls will ensure that the collections are complete and accurate. They will also prevent unauthorised access to the funds.

I will need some background information on your existing collection method. This will determine if we need to design another collection method entirely or we just need to put some controls in place for the existing method (to save the cost of designing a new one). You can schedule a call with me so we can design these controls and also work on the implementation together.

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