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Serial entrepreneur. Founder & CEO of Pixel Dreams. Chief Culture Officer of SmithsonMartin. My first creative agency at the age of 19, worked with notable clients such as Disney, Fox (X-men movie), Labatts, and more. - I'm a loving father and husband, relationship coach, and life mentor to many. - I've consulted countless organizations from start-ups to well established companies in branding, marketing, process, increasing positive team dynamics, and improving organizational health. - My passion is to make the world a better place. The mission of my company: To help the good guys. Our guiding principles: 1) Do justice. 2) Embrace change. 3) Design with intent. - My Specialties: • Mentorship and coaching • Relationship management • Organizational health • Process design • Public speaking • Culture branding • Branding and identity • Design • Inbound marketing • Account management • Project management - When Booking a Call With Me: 1. Have a specific question in mind. I want to make sure your time and money is well INVESTED. Having specific questions can help me help you better, vs "what do I do?". 2. Do your homework ahead of time. There's tons of material online for free. I offer real life experience and an opportunity to listen, hear, and coach you.

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The first uphill battle is the term 'logo'. Logos can be bought for a few bucks on sites that pump out hundreds of generic logos a day. Perhaps you should be selling 'branding', 'visual identity packages', etc.

I know this doesn't solve your immediate challenge of awareness, but by positioning yourself better, you'll increase your value, and validate higher pricing once you do have a lead.

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