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Yes, my ex partner obtained US social security number while he was non-US resident. He was Canadian.
I recommend asking either lawyer or directly the authority since the requirements may be different where you are from and what you need this for.
Hope this help.

Hi, It's interesting that you are trying to tap into more specific target customers through Airbnb while a lot of people are simply serving tourists.
Here are my recommendation:
- Make sure you know about your target customers - SME, corporations, etc? For what purpose would they use it? Their likely budget for this service? etc
- Create strategy of how to reach the target customers - cold calls, social media, digital media, ads, etc
- Make sure you have the product that they want - small and practical location or more luxurious? etc

I'm available if you have more questions.

Shopify already has the feature to connect you as a store owner to the wholesalers/dropshippers so that you only need to discover from their network and put them on your e-commerce site.
In terms of financial needs, you could ask suppliers for payment term so that you can get paid first and pay them later. This will limit the financial needs for inventory.

Who are you selling your rental services to?
If you’re aiming to sell to small independent contractor or are you selling to big industrial construction companies?
Let’s say you’re selling to independent contractors, couple Idea would be: cold calls/emails, ads on market place sites for independent contractors, ads targeting ones go to Home Depot, etc. You can expand your strategy from where your customers would be.
Let me know if this helps.

I have never used 3rd party credit check since they don’t take any responsibility. At the end, of your vendor doesn’t pay, you’ll get the financial hit.
Instead, why don’t you use AR insurance to spend your money on? It’s an insurance that covers your AR if they don’t pay. (Of course, depending on conditions)
Let me know if this helps.

The dilemmas that I faced during my startups are, even though culture was casual, no judgement and easy-to-talk-with-everyone environment, we simply did not have time to spend on creativity and innovation often due to tight cash-flow and overwhelming work load from hyper growth. Creativity and innovation require a lot of incubation time and with often tight cash-flow, it’s challenging to balance where to focus on.

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