Abdullah Khani am medial student student.i will be doctor soon

Abdullah khan
21 year old
basically from Pakistan but studying in china
i have experience in carrier counseling and motivational skills
just go on age try me for once i wont let you down
my Goal is not to just earn my Goal is welfare of humanity.
i will help you to get rid of depression,anxiety and social phobia

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buddy a self defense is a unique art that not everyone practice if you want to price a premium service it just requires a little plan like you can offer a diet plan free.there are some other tips that can be useful. you can call me

well i dont have any basic experience but i have living with people who have directed and produced many dramas.in start its little bit difficult but time by time you will find it intresting. A film or drama can never be flopped if its done according to a specific plan with a good script. if you dont have stable financial condition you can still start it up with a little amount but it will require a plan. the drama and film industry grows second by second and its more easy in this era for there marketing. i can give you a perfect and good business strategy for that. you can call me

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