Dan Kurani3x entrepreneur, raised $8MM, product/user growth

Digital Entrepreneur w/Strong Product and User Growth Chops
- Founder and CEO of Thumb, a mobile social network that generated over 3 billion opinions and yielded the highest usage time of any mobile app next to Facebook before being acquired by a leading market research company.
- Founder of a Top 100 and award-winning interactive agency that produced numerous success for startups and companies that include Nike and Universal Studios.
- Co-owner of a multi-channel retail chain with 250+ employees that led its category in highest net profit per sq. ft.

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The best way to solve chicken and egg problems for marketplaces is to prove market need on each side independently first with a low-cost MVP-type test. Once you've proven the market on both sides with metrics it is much easier to leg in supply and demand with a strategic or enough funding to match a market on a local or niche level to ensure liquidity. For a deeper analysis, here is a post on medium that I wrote... http://bit.ly/1k2vYbY Also, feel free to schedule a call with me if you'd like to dig deeper.

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