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Certified Food Scientist. Kosher Certification Expert. Food Microbiologist. Problem Solver.

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It couldn't hurt! Local, state and federal governments give preference to MWOB, disabled veterans, Native Americans and others for their contracts.

You can check out freelancing sites for article writers and submit proposals. There's a lot of information on the internet on how to do this.

I am happy to discuss if you want on a call.

In order to comply with your country's regulations on food additives, naming, nutrition labeling, etc, you will likely need a food scientist. It's probably best to work with the baker first, finalize the recipe, then work with the food scientist to review legality and regulatory approvals, naming and labeling issues, claims and communications, and scale-up considerations. I have such experience in the US, and I am happy to chat if you have questions.

Try mixing the essential oils with the salt or colorant and water before adding to the baking soda or citric acid. If that doesn't work, then you may need to tweak formulation. I am happy to chat by phone through the site if that helps.

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