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Sales cycles for enterprise software sales are always longer than sales cycles for consumer software sales, whether SaaS or not. This is because large companies are slower to make decisions, you have to figure out who the decision maker is, etc.

So you need to keep in mind that your sales may take six months to a year to close. Cost to acquire customers is therefore higher (at least initially) than it is for consumer-focused software. Take all of that into account when you start to model your business.

I'm happy to jump on a call with you if you have more questions about how to model this.

Being prepared means demonstrating knowledge of your market, your background, your strengths, your weaknesses, your business' numbers (revenues, expenses, etc.), an ability to be flexible, awareness that the numbers you present may not be relevant six months to a year from now as you learn more about the market, who your competitors are, etc.

If you're interested in learning more, I'm happy to jump on a call.

First, focus on what you want your message to be. Who is the intended target of the pitch deck? Brainstorm on the message you want to convey: what's the "pain point" you're solving, what's the market opportunity, number of customers you have, amount of capital you're seeking to raise, why investors should invest with you (your "special sauce").

Once you have all this information, then you can approach various consultants/shops and see what their pricing/track record/etc. is. But looking for a consultant before you know exactly what you want will just waste a lot of your time.

Non-US profits are generally taxed only if the cash is repatriated back into the United States. So, for example, Coca-Cola's profits that it generates in countries outside the United States are not taxed by the IRS until that cash is moved into an account that is domiciled in the US. Of course, this gets very complicated very quickly, isn't necessarily appropriate for an early-stage startup, and is the kind of thing for which you need to have accountants and tax attorneys on retainer or in-house to properly advise you.

Assume 1,000 air conditioners are sold each year, 50% of housholds have a smart phone, and 25% of households with a smartphone have wifi. Then your potential customer base is 1,000 * .5 * .25 = 125 customers. But that's a top down analysis; generally, bottoms-up analyses are more robust.

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