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Linkedin .. greatest resource in the world for B2B .. I have a system that is too long to explain here .. I coach Luxury Home Sales to Realtors .. all my business comes from Linkedin..

Not really..You would have to create an ad that stands very far out from the crowd...Check out Chris Record on Google...has a ebook called 350 Examples of Dark Post Ads...he does a good job of showing you some real estate ads.. What I have experienced is that you have to spend allot of money to get any ROI...just like real estate in general you have to reach this huge audience..they have to opt-in...and this occurs online with FB ads I would say at 1/10 of 1% of the people you reach. The upside can be if you spend $100's you may get a closing for $1000's... Great and unique offers are the only things that work online so I would put all my energy into creating an irresistible or very unique offer about you or your service...then spend on marketing.

Dakno Marketing...I was a very successful Realtor in Phoenix for 15 years and I was on the 1st page of Google for a lot of Luxury Home cities in the area. Dakno seems to understand the entire process better than anyone and they have been focused on it for probably all the years I was n business which was quite a few :-)


Arizona USA is a darn good choice...beautiful clean cities like Scottsdale and Phoenix...sunshine all the time...and you can get quite a flat or a home for that price...

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