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Alejandro Tena. Disruptive, thinker and entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience opening businesses and advising companies of different characteristics and for different needs. Internationally certified, graduated from major universities, strong in philosophy and history to have a more global and acertive analysis . Thanks to his knowledge and global perspective,. He opened Conexa Consultores a consulting firm that provides services in market research projects, business' plans and administrative advice with coverage in four countries. He has led consulting projects personally in large and small cities of US and Mexico. Currently, it promotes SIDEL (Sistema Déltico para la Proyección de Escenerios de Negocios), a unique methodology that allows entrepreneurs to reach the summit of business decisions.

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Hello, maybe you are looking for market's informations in order to make a business decision related to fil/tv industry. For these circumstances you can find not only someone who have worked for the industry, but you can also look up for researches in the academia (Universities), their information tend to be more complete, robust and systemic

In my own experience CATI are more and more difficult to undertake, unless the interviewed are your current clients or have some previous relationship with you. I will rather use an electronic platform such as poolfish.

On the other hand if your sample is so limited that big platforms such as poolfish or mailchipm are not able to deliver your survey you should rethink the goal of your research remember that you can gather qualitative information with almost the same validity with a correct synthetic-analytic process

External investors are doing their jobs, they are just concerned about the financials of the startup. That is why it is very important to clarify in detail the roles, responsabilities, deliverables, dates, etc.. before close the deal, in order to agreed those point of possible conflict with a risk matrix

I recommend you to refresh the relation, put in the table the situations that are concerned you, regarding the investors, always understanding the essentials of their roles, i.e. investment returns. You should realize a new process of communication with your stakeholders solving their interests and yours.

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