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An MVP is something that can be thrown away. Its purpose is not to evolve over time but to prove money can change hands, aka "viability."
An App is about distribution. iOS has the most money spent on its ecosystem, but outside of USA Google Play is more predominant. A web app itself is device agnostic. It would be the appropriate place to evolve to in order to avoid Apple's 30% commission. Apps do have their benefit, for example engaging the user with less distraction from a web browser. It also can load faster with offline data. Yet those are efficiencies for production once MVP is proved. Therefore imagine an MVP as catching salmon in a net, and app as a grocery store + Instacart system. Hope this helped answer your question. Let me know if not and I'd be happy to clarify over the phone.

Run an effective critique through silence. Remember Day 3 of the Design Sprint dubbed "Art Gallery?" With the compositions posted up on Miro or a white board depending on remote or in-person setting, silently allow people to walk around the room and put sticky notes on anonymous designs. Thereafter, have the "decider" pick a couple of "blue ribbon winners." Thereafter, have each team member "present" their piece while answering questions on the post it notes. Finally, vote whether to hybridize or A/B test designs. Hope this helps! Let me know if you've any further questions about facilitation. I'd be happy to help.

1. The first stage of the MVP is manually performed as a service.
2. Once you get that system down you begin to look for opportunities to automate.
3. MVP will automate one sliver of the entire process. This is what is meant by "minimal" and "product."
4. Viability is only achieved if money trades hands. The fastest way to money is B2B.
5. Find a piece of the puzzle that has a B2B opportunity then focus on hiring a web dev to automate it.
6. Sell that to businesses.
7. Welcome to Vertical Micro-SaaS Niche

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