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17+ Years Design Experience. 10 years Managing and leading teams. Mentored 25+ UI/UX Designers @Springboard Former @VA.Gov @AARP @IBM @UCSD. Select Client/Partner: Urban Outfitter, Anthropologie, American Apparel, and NASA

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1. The first stage of the MVP is manually performed as a service.
2. Once you get that system down you begin to look for opportunities to automate.
3. MVP will automate one sliver of the entire process. This is what is meant by "minimal" and "product."
4. Viability is only achieved if money trades hands. The fastest way to money is B2B.
5. Find a piece of the puzzle that has a B2B opportunity then focus on hiring a web dev to automate it.
6. Sell that to businesses.
7. Welcome to Vertical Micro-SaaS Niche

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