Alex JosephLife/Business Strategist & Keynote Speaker

20 + YRS Life Strategist Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Business Strategist, & Entrepreneur
Innovative Professional Military Veteran experienced in Developing Leaders Through Business Insight, Core Competency Mapping, Individual and Organizational Assessment, along with Leadership Development Planning and Training. Excellent communication skills with strong management and marketing experience. Qualified critical thinker with the ability to multi-task and stay organized. Trained in Global Strategy and Policy as well as Business Ethics. Bilingual individual; speaking English and Creole. Proficient with Microsoft Suites.

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I’m a Business and Life Strategist with over 20 years of consulting on Life, Government, and Business Strategies. We’ve also submitted numerous bids to government and commercial entities putting us in a unique position to provide you a tactic that should bring you the results in overcoming your dilemma. I'd suggest that you tack action upon the following:

1. Create a Capability Statement and a White Letter. They're what you'll utilize to send to your potential clients. In your capability statement, you'll speak about what your company will offer to your potential client. The white letter will speak to how your product will enhance their product line for your client's customers.
2. Go to each of your potential buyers' website and check to see if they have a Vendor Registration page/link and become a vendor with that company. Once you've become a vendor, see if they require your product. If not your particular product, see who put out a bid for a product that is similar to your product. Once you've found the Purchasing Officer, Purchasing Supervisor, or Purchasing Agent contact information, you'll immediately send them your Capability Statement.
3. Utilize LinkedIn to introduce yourself to the casino's Purchasing Officer, Purchasing Supervisor, and/or the Purchasing Agent to introduce yourself and build a professional relationship with them.

If you have any additional questions or assistance, feel free to contact me.

I’m a Business and Life Strategist with over 20 years of military service, and we’ve submitted numerous bids to government and commercial entities. If you’d like to partner with drug and background screening companies, first you need to develop a white paper to present a new product or service that your company developed or invented. If it’s not a new product or service, create a Capability Statement. It is a promotional or marketing statement about your business and its capabilities and skills that advertises who you are and what you do. Second, you’d need to locate their R&D Department or their contracting department. R&D Department are always looking to find ways to improve their company’s product, service, or business practices. Contracting Departments are responsible for find companies that can fulfill their company’s needs. Third step is to get your Capability Statement to them by email, regular mail, or fax.
If you need any additional questions or assistance putting together your Capability Statement, feel free to contact me.

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