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Here to help you get results like...
1. Leah:
"Courses are a ton of work...if you want to do a course, I would tell them to just hire MYE...because you want your product to be a very high quality product"

2. Colin:
"Here are the results:
- Opt-ins increased 47% (traffic didn’t change)
- Conversions increased by 40%
- Direct Revenue increased by 35% (overall business is up more than that)
Overall, business should do an additional $100k over last year."

3. Nigel (Generated $18K in ARR with an email list of just 283 people)
“Freaking amazing service and I believe that 120%. I wholeheartedly recommend you.”

4. Tung
- Made $28,329 in the first five days, and $42,000 in first six weeks
​- $8,000-$12,000 per month in income (6 figures the first year)
“The course is so amazing! I know I keep saying this over and over again, but I can’t help it! I get really excited when seeing our awesome product. So happy with how this turned out.”

Recent Answers

Keep in mind Udemy is already doing this for many courses. That is a big part of their business model, to do lots of advertising. So you might want to look at what kind of ads they are already running for similar courses (there are some tools that can do that, like spyfu etc)

Here's a guest post I wrote a while back talking about Udemy and how it fits into an overarching marketing strategy (like for example how you can have a free course that gets 10k students, promote your paid course to those students, and overall focusing on using udemy as a lead source to grow your main business)

That should give you some great ideas for where to start with this.

Had to share the google doc version because it looks like they migrated their blog when the company was acquired :)
(was originally here -

Hit me up if you want to talk course strategy / course marketing strategy - would be happy to help

Here's a case study that goes deep into course marketing with one of our clients (it's not about udemy, but should give you a clearer idea of the bigger picture with respect to how to market courses)

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