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Founded Flights app within Yandex company (4 countries, break-even point in first 8 months). Worked as a Product Manager in different domains for 15 years (media, game dev, software, video, e-commerce, travel, fintech). Mentoring startups, companies and product managers how to set the product management process, avoid usual mistakes, helping in hiring new team.

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There is a way to get information about measurement systems of these countries and use it for setting sizes

That depends on the market, they should have use the usage reports for starting countries. Some countries have mind-blowing rates of mobile usage (some countries have about 3% desktop devices)

Ukraine is good once you'll find a perfect lead here. There are a lot of great developers and project managers here. Product management expertise is worse but growing for last 5 years.
But I found helping a startup to grow their team that the best solution is find a good lead, hr and grow the remote team starting from offline in Ukraine.

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