chinonso ireduI'm mrs nonso.A counsellor.

• Sales of company products
• Advice clients on the best product to suit their satisfaction
• Review and evaluation of client satisfaction in respect to premium purchased
• Solving clients complain in issues to improve positive satisfaction
2008 – 2011 ,
• All administrative duties and responsibilities, in-charge of the imprest account
• Maintenance of office equipments
• Typing and editing of memos
• Keeping records
• Filing and documentation
Assisting in ExpatcareHealth International, (HMO)-OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR, Assistant Supervisor
191 Chime Avenue New Haven Enugu.

• quality assurance and hospital visitation
• Issuance of Referral Code to Personnel
• Human Resource

• Marketing of Companies Health Insurance Product
• Customer service

African Network for Prevention and Protection of
• Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect
Child Abuse and Neglect - Research Officer on Child Development Projects(June 2007-June 2008)
• Identify Handling of Cases
• Data Gathering, Interpretation and Information Materials
• Chapters Admin Issues

• Organize and Execute 2006 Inter-School Competition for three Secondary Schools in Bassa LGA Operation
• Local Government NPI Administration and Development of Performance Monitoring Data in Rukuba
• Workshop on Girl Child in Enugu State
• Proposal writing in Child NGO

• Law and Human Right in Nigeria (A Case Study of Anambra State) 2004 HND Project
• Women Empowerment in Nigeria
• Advocating for the Survival Right of a Child in Imo State
. Enhancing the Nutritional Status of Children through sensitization rally in Imo State
• Reducing the infant Mortality Rate in Imo State through medial Jingle
• Management of Child Sexual Abuse

xtra-mural Communal Development Group (NYSC)

• Administration
• Customer Service

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invest some reasonable amount on a profit making investment,wait patiently for it to manifest.Weigh the profit and loss from it.Ask questions,make inquiries about the business before doing it.

To handle a restless teenager carry out these instruction:

*Try and calm the teenager down
*Give the restless teenager an attention to understand the
root cause of the restlessness.
*Show love
*Avoid a crowded or noisy environment
*Allow the teenager to have some rest


No ,If you really want to achieve a great goal/successful in life ,sitting at home may not really be a great option because it makes someone lazy without doing anything reasonably especially at young age.Find something good ,better to keep you busy.

There are several waysto make money online they are
1.Affliate marketing
4.copy and paste via google
5.sending videos through youtube etc

It also depends ont he pattern you want to use that could work favourable for you

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