Garrett LassiterCEO, Pilot, Outdoorsman

I am the CEO of 3 Startup companies in the USA. I have a passion for growing new businesses as well as creating new startups.

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Stepping into ecom can be difficult but it is very doable. I personally have 3 startups that run strictly off of ecom and would love to help you with finding trends and bringing your products to the ecommerce world! Thanks and have a great day!

You absolutely nailed it in this topic! Having the layer between CEO and Sales reps is crucial. However, developing that layer is sometimes easier said than done. My experience with the startups I am involved in have all struggled within the first year with this exact issue. I truly believe that every small business has this issue or has dealt with it in the past. I believe that targeting small businesses is where you will find 90% of your leads on this topic strictly because of how difficult establishing that in between layer can be. I would love to speak with you further on this topic if you would like more in depth advice on what I believe could be effective for you! Thank you and have a great day!

This is a fantastic Marketing Strategy! If done right all parties associated can benefit from it greatly. I have seen this strategy used in several different methods. However, I personally have had the trips donated to me usually by a startup travel agency or an acquaintance that I know is looking to get into the vacation rental business and needs more customers. Would love to speak with you further about other options if you're interested in pursuing this marketing strategy!

I have 5 years of experience in manufacturing products from several different industries. Give me a Call and I would be happy to assist you.

Hello, I am slightly confused on exactly what you are asking. However, I do have alot of experience with creating apps and would love to assist you. If you will give me a call I would be glad to assist you in pursuing this idea that you have. Thanks!

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