Indra DosanjhTaking product concepts from napkin to market.

Throughout my career, I have been called a builder, doer and vision custodian. This means rolling up my sleeves and owning every initiative from start to finish. I have consulted and led dozens of projects for Fortune 1000 companies.

My real passion is working with early stage ventures as a member of an exceptional core team. I excel at taking an idea from concept to launch to market acceptance for products and services that have the potential to be game changers. I see myself as the product champion and apply management insights, techniques, tools and processes to each challenge with full transparency and accountability.

Based in Toronto, Canada, my experience spans across sectors in financial, technology and Internet and not-for-profit agencies.

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I've used outsourced services several times successfully. I don't think using geographic location is necessary a good indicator for outsourcing value. In my experience it depends on the type of service you are seeking. For example, I've used crowdsourcing services for logo and web designs and discovered creativity has no geographic boundaries. Neither is the skill level necessarily the only indicator for the best creative. Some designs have been submissions from design student or freelancers with no formal training.

As for technical work, I seek service based on the following criteria:
- technical competency and skills
- communication skills
- Process skills (to manage overall risk of project)
- references from existing clients.

Country is secondary to the above list.

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