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How is it going guys!! Let me tell you a brief summary of what i have been doing in the last few years, been trading for a quite while, serious ENTREPRENEUR, chairman at IM Academy, salesperson, obcessed with self-improving me everyday, here is how i can help you - looking for someone to help reach your goals? Give me a touch

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From what i know basically, a cell phone booster works by pulling in weak signal, boosting it, and then rebroadcasting it inside your area in need.

Sometimes you get too caught up, and as a result, your site gets slower and slower because you keep adding more and more. It's called code bloat, keep your site lightweight

I have the same passion as you and the first time i heard about clarity i asked the same question, because i wanted a way to impact other people's lives. I think clarity is good, and i think it can provide a lot of value to people, and you can actually build a business here because the market is good

there is no PCI compliance requirement for consumer devices and the mobile apps running on those devices.

I dont have any experience with hair products, but one thing that i have learned about business, doesn't matter what kind, is that we have the power to expand our businesses in our hand. Have you ever considered social media? Imagine this, if you are a singer, and you are trying to get a producer or a label in your track what do you think is the best way to present the track to them? Simply by sending DM's to 1000 singers. One of them will respond and iniate business with you

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