Alessio CastelliCEO, automotive, agricultural machines, start ups

I have 20+ years of experience in multinational companies in the automotive and agricultural machines sectors covering top positions, the last 8 years as CEO.
I am an innovative and results-driven leader focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive environments that demand continuous improvement.
I have an extensive business background in multi-cultural environments; known for building and motivating cross-functional teams that exceed corporate expectations.
I am an expert in start-ups and turnarounds in highly competitive businesses.

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Hey, I've been working in the automotive industry for more than 20 years, covering CEOs positions in several European markets.
When you start up it is important to identify a niche/segment where you can exploit the market's opportunities and create gradually your customer base that will be the most valuable asset of your business. Identify clearly your customer base and your unique selling propositions (price ? service ? availability of stock ? quick deliveries ? etc...) and run a marketing campaign enhancing your USP. Particular attention must be put on how to finance your stock, cash flow management is the key to success.
I am available should you want to further discuss this great opportunity. Regards. Alessio

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