Deidre WrightMaking Names Famous in "Boring" Industries

We can't all be rockstars, but YOU can be famous in your industry.

There's no field that can't be engaging (trust me I've worked in insurance). Position yourself as a thought leader to grow your brand, network & value.


- Booked speaking gig at event featuring Barack Obama & Colin Powell in 4 days without agent

- Article seen in magazine with Oprah on the cover

- Won 2 Industry Awards

- Serves as judge for Magazine Award honoring C-Suite & Executive Leaders

- Sat on 4 Industry Boards

- Booked 12 public speaking gigs within a year. including podcasts, webinars & conferences

- Recruited for position by CEO after being seen at public speaking event, without prior introduction to him

- Viral LinkedIn posts (37,000+ and 27,000+ views)

- As a judge of talent, I've selected winners for leadership awards (200 applicants), scholarship (105 applicants) and speakers (30+) for national conference

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PR and Branding are tools to connect you with 1. prospects in need of your business offerings and 2. fans who align with your values. While marketing strategies should be determined by your company's goals, I would suggest you leverage your background as an immigrant, fitness enthusiast who isn't a meathead and other unique value propositions to develop an enthusiastic fan base who relates to your experience.

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