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I make sure companies have the right sales process in place so they can get the most out of their sales team. With the right sale processes in place, companies will get more money, more often and faster

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Hey Lucas,

First, good job on starting a business. It can become big, so that's exciting.

I have a couple really easy way to do it without any cost.

1. You set up your current clients as affiliates. This means they can offer it to other influencers they know and you pay them a commission on what they sell. This only cost you on the back end after they buy.

2.I have a colleague that has a big network of influencers. I could make an introduction and you can set up an agreement with them,i.e. you give them a commission on everyone that buys through them, again, paying on the back end.

If you want to talk more, let me know.


Kevin Yang's answer is good and a model that is commonly used. It will depend on where in the United States they are going to be based. If you are in San Francisco you will be paying more than if you were in Denver or Dallas.

A question you should consider is how are these salespeople going to be managed? If you need help with that, I'd be more than happy to walk you through some options. I just set this up with an Australian company that expanded to the US.

Assaf Ben-David is right with what you need to do, but before going there you should know what you expect from an investor. Are you just wanting the money? Do you hope that they'll have the expertise to grow your business? What are you going to do with the money?

I also agree with Assaf Ben-David that it sounds like your doing well. Also, before getting ready for faster growth, make sure you are scaleable. I check this with every company I have worked with because if you don't put the pieces in place to be scaleable, it could cost you more than you gain.

So before trying to find an investor, figure out why you want investors, what you expect to get from them and are you scaleable. Plus, make sure you have a sales process. Putting in a sales process alone, will accelerate your sales tremendously. When I did this for a client, they grew and additional 33%.

It may be your messaging. Do you have current clients? If so, ask them what they like about working with you. That is the message you should use to go to the market.

I have several clients where I gave them that challenge, go ask your best clients why they work with you. When they heard the message, it changed what they said to prospects and grew their client base.

It's a simple solution that works incredibly well. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

It's actually easy. Go talk to your current customers. Ask them why they do business with you. They may, and most likely will, tell you something different than you're saying to new prospects.Listen to what your current customers are saying and use their messaging to talk to the market. Ask them if they know other companies that could use what you have,

Also, look at your best clients and make them the model of other companies to approach.

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