João CortezBattle Worker

Footwear Industry Veronello Ltda.
Starting: 09/1993 Departing: 12/2003
Function: Financial Officer.
Biaggio Industria e Comercio de Calcados Ltda.
Starting: 10/2004 Departing: 11/2017
Function: Financial Officer
ootwear Industry and Trade Juwilson Ltda.
Starting: 05/2018 Departing: 07/2019
Function: Controller

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Well, people who do remote jobs, I think one factor that needs to be taken into account is concentration and focus. I always advise staff to look for a very quiet place with good lighting, as in the late afternoon, as the sunset is always inspiring.
The suggestion is to make employees feel important, so important that the work will be done in the best way and that they may not even realize it, because the best songs and the best texts were made that way! Nothing works under pressure.

Always change, nothing changes if you do not change, this phrase is also for your business, dance as the music, always be alert seeing and knowing everything that happens in your segment, changes will not always have the expected result, but This is growth, you are preparing to learn from mistakes, find your balance point your audience, changes will require you to always be the best always try to be first, this happens with the stars especially in sports , the ace thinks two seconds ahead of normals, good luck friend!

t is difficult without budget, because a potential customer wants security, that you comply with the delivery date and especially the quality.
Tip, I don't know where you live in what country you live in, look for government programs that encourage and fund small businesses, if you have the product, have those who buy it they'll have a project for you, run late, prove it, and money don't fall from the sky, good luck!

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