Dr Stephanie ArdreyDoctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Dr. Ardrey directed a multibillion-dollar portfolio of commercial real estate development projects – luxury, mixed-use, and retail commercial projects. Prior to entering the high stakes high pressure world of commercial real estate development, Ardrey served as the founder and CEO of The ArdreyGroup Inc., a full-service advertising and marketing communications agency with eight offices across seven western states, a capitalized financial base of over $250 million dollars due to a joint venture.

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The marketing strategy should include identifying filmmakers and where they are so that you can make them aware of the app. This could include attending film festivals, looking at online film related groups and identifying ways to share the details and offer product presentations. For example, I have been working to reach filmmakers and offer funding information. I'm attending Sundance Film Festival as one way to connect with and communicate the funding options and opportunities.

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