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If your product caused skin issues with a consumer so bad that a court case has been opened it will hurt your brand and store like crazy.

Mainly because this consumer now will leave a bad review, tell all his/her friends about the experience. And believe me future customers will find out what happened.

If your product caused a skin issue with a consumer then you NEED to rethink the product and make it better. Because if it happened to one consumer it is bound to happen to more. Enhance the product, find out what cause the skin issue and make it better.

And honestly I wouldnt work with a client that has this issue because it shows they need to spend a lot more time on the product itself to make it safe for consumers.

Simple answer if you are worried about costs you will struggle. Ecommerce is a spend money to make money industry. Meaning the more you put in the more you will get out.

My strategy for any store launch is starting with one campaign, 7 adsets at $10 a day. Each adset with 4 creatives and one interest. This means you will spend $70 per day.

Then you need to let FB ads optimize which takes 3-4 days so you need to keep the ad running until it optimizes. Dont even expect sales until it is optimized. So this means you will be spending around $280 those 4 days. If you dont get any sales then you need to test more.

Bottom line the more you test in the beginning the more you will get out. If you can afford to do 2 campaigns at 7 adsets each and $10 a day each then do it. The more interests you target the faster you will get data and find your audience.

The most effective way to advertise on instagram and facebook is an irresistible offer. Dont have any irresistible offer ideas? Go on groupon and you can find proven deals that people are going crazy for.

Then just duplicate that deal to a facebook/ instagram advertisement.

The reason this works so well is because people love deals and if people actively SEARCH on groupon and purchase the deal then if you use the power of Facebook ads to put the deal right in a targeted audiences face that would benefit from the deal you will see crazy results.

Whether you are trying to just build a list, you name it, it works. I use this with all my clients and I have had countless times where we started the ad, spent $100 and they got so much traffic and customers that they had to turn it off. Seriously try it...

Everyone is saying use your pixel, use look alikes but bottom line even though they are effective you can't use it if you don't have data. 90% of you don't have pixel data to work with.

So if you use this method get tons of leads and traffic and then use the data to then create a look alike or retarget (once you have atleast 1000 of the event you want to use) you will kill it on Facebook advertising.

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