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I 100% recommend Linkhero. It's SO much better than and with added features to help you pixel your audiences (and their actions) re-direct traffic, and retarget. The founder of Linkhero is a good friend of mine. You're welcome to watch the video interview I did with him. Search "Trish Leto Link Hero" in YouTube and you'll find it. He also gives some awesome ninja traffic tips while sharing his screen during our interview. I've been using LinkHero for over a year and I love it. Hope this helps!

Hi there. One of easiest ways I conduct market research is with a free website called Answer The Public. You can plug in keywords or groupings of words related to your industry and learn what types of questions people are asking online about the topic. Another thing you can do is follow what I call the PIGGLY method: Search Pinterest, Instagram, Google, Groups, LinkedIn, and YouTube to see what's currently showing up within your industry, the language people are using with regard to the needs/wants/desires, and then write a blog or create a video to present to those people. Validate the need before presenting the opportunity to an investor and you'll make that conversation go much smoother.

The easiest way to advertise on Facebook and IG is via Live video. Follow the 3 Es: Educate, entertain, or enlighten. Teach your audience, make them laugh or wow them, or enlighten them with a story about you. If you do the Live video on Faebook and you stay under 10 minutes, you can download and upload it immediately to IGTV, instagram TV. You an then cut up the video with a free app (Inshot, iMovie, etc) to upload 20-second teaser clips into FB and IG stories with a call to action to watch the whole video. You can use a shortlink from LinkHero or to make the link to your full video easy to remember. Once you do the Live video, you can boost the post or run targeted ads. Hope this helps!

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