Jeffery KhouryFounder & CEO of Doctor Pocket & Khoury Consulting

Montreal-based Tech & Innovations tycoon. Specialized in building start-ups that take-off. My strong-suits are growth-hacking, funding, and tech development.

Raised over $500,000, Founded 2 successful start-ups and developed over 10.
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 -Finalist
IBM Global Entrepreneur of 2017
Facebook Start Entrepreneur winner of 2018
McGill Dobson Cup -Top Ten Finalist

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I would definitely suggest networking events & conventions. Cold calling never hurts. However, for your featured video on your website I think you need something more action-oriented. A demo of some-sort showing people what you do and how you work rather than a video you have produced. It is easy for you to know what you do but harder for others to understand with a single scroll-through when there is a vampire video.

Definitely, set up a call with me. What you have looks very interesting. Do you have a pitch deck? How much have you invested? Any subscribers for launch?

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