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o Manage SEO and SEM campaigns.
o Prepare monthly reports and meet with clients to analyze their SEO and SEM results.
o Check SEM campaigns regularly and review results with analysts.
o Assign tasks to our developers, graphic designers, project managers, and sales team.
o Create focus studies and analyze results with clients.
o Conduct initial interviews and follow-up interviews with applicants.
o Continue working as a Project Manager for web design projects.
o Meet with clients to determine the design and functionality best for their website.
o Write web content edited for SEO.

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Moving a domain and hosting providers does not affect SEO, unless there is an issue with the previous or new server being blacklisted.

That being said, it doesn't look like their current site has a lot of SEO juice anyway. Changing all the URLs WILL hurt their SEO if those are the URLs in their backlinks. I recommend looking at their backlinks to see which ones you should redirect, testing the site for broken links AFTER your restructuring is complete, and making a new sitemap.

I could give you a more specific checklist or help with your sitemap, but I would definitely need more specifics.

I work full-time at a web development company. I need more details to be able to answer this for you. You can send me a message if you don't want to publicly post more details.

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