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I'd ask Rocco Baldassarre. He is the best online marketing consultant I've ever seen and can surely give you concrete advice.

Said that, my advice would be
a) your own e-commerce store so you can drive traffic to it without losing money on commissions
b) learn from best selling products (you can see sales ranks of competing products if you register as an amazon affiliate marketer; it's free) and copy their structure, split test regularly

Hope it helps!

I just saw that this question hasn't been answered for 7 months and thought I would share my opinion, so you have at least something to go on. If you are thinking to get your company registered, you should register it instantly. You can make all the business plans in the world but unless you try it out to see if it works, you'll never know! Business is fast paced, chances are your b-plan is already outdated by now but I hope you went for it or will register it momentarily.

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