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I help you determine which one is a good copy. I can give you the formula of a copy that sells. And I'll help you become a better copywriter with the 7 Steps of Copywriting

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Structure your ad like this:

- Start with a question or a statement, such as: "If you...", or "Do you..."
Ex: Do you have a business that sells anything?

- Continue with this line "And you want..."
Ex: And you want more customers and leads, and you want a bigger brand?

- Next "Here's what I've got..."
Ex: Here's what I got

I've recently developed and created a program called XYZ for people who want more customers and qualify more leads...

- Then you say "Here's what it'll do for you..."
Ex: Here's what it'll do for you

You take this program and implement the principles of it in your current marketing strategy.

It will make your prospects and readers enter their emails, now you have more leads.

Then you apply the sales funnel that I tell you in the program so that it will convert prospects into customers.

Sound so good to be true?

You take this program and apply it in 60 days.

If it doesn't work, I insist on buying it at full price.

Yes! I'm offering you "60-Day Money back Guarantee".

(Bonus: you want to make your offer irresistible, so instead of telling your customers to take risks, you want to reverse the risk.

By doing this, you will make people easily say Yes.

You can do this by giving '30-Day Money Guarantee', or some kind of free extra services if customers don't like your products or services)

- Finally, You finish with this line "Here's what to do next..."

This is your CTA, call to action, to make sales.

Ex: Here's what to do next

Click the link below/Call this number to take this program home.

But I have to warn you, this is a limited offer.

I've sold 577 of them through 2 weeks, there are only 123 available.

So grab this program to your home before the program XYZ is on someone's hands.

(Bonus: You want to use the word "take sth home", or "grab sth to your home", or "own this".

That's a sense of ownership.

You don't want to use "Buy".

Thus, you want to create urgency.

People love Procrastination. And Procrastination kills Sales.

So you can do this by using "limited-time offer" strategy).

Copywriting is a copy that influence people to say yes to something.

Maybe it's to click to the link.

Maybe it's to book a call.

Maybe it's to download an ebook…

Whatever it is...

And content writing is to inform.

To add value, in advance.

Content marketing's purpose is to demonstrate how valuable you are, qualify the leads, and show people why they have to work with you, in advance.

Content writing basically builds trust.

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