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🤔What Do REAL Terms of a $100k USD Angel Deal Look Like❓

🔷1) Mentality

We're often uneducated, ignorant & or skeptical of the people, companies & or organizations that have access to the information we need.

Learn as quickly as possible by failing faster & pivoting your mindset towards long-term growth instead of short-term stability.

🔷2) Valuation

We're often uneducated, ignorant & or skeptical of how REAL businesses are valued in the marketplace, let's look at asset based valuations for simplicity:

✅Assets (cash flow, improve your balance sheet before you get contacted by sponsors or investors)

✅Ratio (analyzing your company's price to sales ratio)

P = Current Share Price of Company

E = One Year's Worth of Earnings


P = (insert value multiplier) x E

For example:

P = 10 x E

✅ Discounted Cash Flow

What is your company's income (earnings & cash flow) projected looking into the future, then you create the discount rate based on the difference between future projections & current income (earnings & cash flow).

🔷3) Management

✅Best Practices

✅Systems (Soft Systems & Hard Systems)


Angels funding ventures are always looking for the return of their investment, how you provide this return is a process called...

💸A Fundable Strategy™😎

✅ Mission Statement (Personal & Company Missions Included)

🗨 Why are we in existence, what can we help the world achieve through meaningful collaboration?

✅ Vision Statement

💭 Core Values

✅ 5 Year Goals

✅ SWOT Analysis (viewed at present time but also reflecting new goals & strengths)

💭 Weaknesses

🗨 Opportunities

💭 Threats

✅ The GSWOT Table

✅ Strategic Initiatives (these are what groups work with)

🔷Measurable Objectives & Outcomes:

✅A set of high-performance & strategic goals & initiatives for the upcoming year, through five or more years out...

✅ The leadership team, mandate, & commitment is strengthened

✅ A clearly articulated direction that will be consistently shared with all staff

✅ A commitment towards ongoing bi-weekly appointments to reinforce the progress of strategic issues & examine issues, if necessary, associated with the strategic initiatives

🔷Strategic Planning Session:

✅ Vision
✅ Mission
✅ Strategy
✅ Action Plan

🔷 A Mission Statement:

Articulation of the purpose of the company, basically why it exists, what it does & for whom. It should serve as an ongoing guide that spells out what the company is all about. The mission should focus on the here & now.

🔷 A Vison Statement:

Outlining the goals & aspirations for the future. It creates a mental picture of a specific medium-term target & should be as a source of inspiration.

Thank you for sharing your question with us, I appreciate your hypothetical role-playing skills with only an idea & great business action plan!

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