Cameron WallMobile Innovator & Evangelist

Cameron is a leader and innovator in the Digital and Mobile space working on cutting edge projects both in Australia and overseas. He has worked for over 20 years in ICT and helped pioneer the Internet in Australia via Pegasus Networks in the early 90’s and Mobile messaging/data in the late 90’s.

Today he spends most of his time focussed on Mobile helping various companies in designing, building and marketing various Mobile applications, platforms & services both here in Australia and globally. He is currently working with DigitasLBi as the Head of Mobile for APAC on innovation, project & product delivery. DigitasLBi is part of the Publicis Group of companies.
Solutions delivered for Brands include MasterCard, Kellogg's, Kraft, TabCorp, SingTel, Sky Racing, Luxbet, StartTrack, MSD (Merck), Invisible Zinc, TNS, Budget, State/Fed Govt. & various Start-ups etc.

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