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Multiple Entrepreneur: Bought a bankrupt sports/entertainment business in my 30's. Turned it into money-making enterprise that was later sold to national franchise. Helped financial client triple business to $2B in <3-years.
Marketing Advisor|Speaker|Mentor. Online Course Creator, Grow Your Brand w/CocktailNapkinPlan®

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Good question. Nice website, Moi Moi. While there are many choices available, first you might want to think about your offer. For example, you could add a customer testimonial on your form. And, test the "submit" button w/something more personal like, Yes, I love VIP offers.
As far as landing page builders, we use OptimizePress:

They have a lot of attractive templates by industry and offers. They're customizable too. Here's one we did for a Free 5-day e-class on Webinar Marketing.
Hope that helps you out!

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