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Is your business safe?

With the number of cyber attacks on companies increasing each year, companies and security experts are finding it challenging to keep up on every aspect of cybersecurity to protect their business.

54% of companies experience one or more successful attacks that compromised data and/or infrastructure
71% of all targeted attacks start with spear phishing
59% of companies consider ransomware to be their biggest threat

I know protecting your business can be very overwhelming. Here are just a few questions that most business owners asking Cybersecurity experts:

- What is the current cybersecurity threat?
- How can my team protect our business?
- What cybersecurity solution or appliance do we need to be researching and possibly implement into our cybersecurity strategy?
- How much is this going to cost me? I need the best cybersecurity solution but I can't afford to spend my entire yearly budget on cybersecurity.

These are just a few questions business owners are asking.

This is where a Cybersecurity Consultant comes in. Our focus is to work with you and your team closely to understand your entire business from the ground up. To become a trusted resource for you and your team to be able to rely on day to day. We will strategize with you and your team on the best cybersecurity solution for your organization now, as well as into the future with our custom designed cybersecurity road-map.

How do we do this?

We start with our simple 5 step system:

-Discovery meeting
-Cybersecurity Assessment
-Custom cybersecurity road-map
-Maintenance and support

With this simple 5 step system, we are able to develop a customized cybersecurity strategy that is designed to protect your business from cyber attacks.

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