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If any channels are currently working for you, double down on them. Keep doing LinkedIn if it is working for you.

I always like to focus on 1-2 sales channels, and then be constantly dabbling and testing others. This ensures that you stay productive (doing what works), while still being able to test and try new methods that may end up being more lucrative.

A few ideas:
- Paid advertising works. I've run paid ads for IT Companies in NYC and got them multiple clients for just a couple hundred bucks. Experiment with that if you have the budget for it. I recommend using someone good, otherwise you're just throwing money away.
- Get on a platform like or Quora. Become a leader in the IT maintenance/testing space. People will find you.
- In general, content marketing is less relevant for local service businesses. For example, a blog may not be as effective.
- Hire someone to gather leads for you. Cold email them. Same strategy as what you're doing in LinkedIn, but through email.

My last piece of advice: Track Everything.

For example, are you getting more leads through Quora per hour spent marketing, or more leads through cold email? What is the value of these leads? Does Quora get you more lucrative, high-paying clients?

Tracking will help you to continuously improve the sales and marketing process.

If you have any questions, feel free to follow up by scheduling a call. Thanks!

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